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This post was republished to My College Class Notes at 2:45:48 AM 5/28/2008 Psychodynamic Views: Freud and those who followed Account My College Class Notes Category Psychology Notes Chapter 9: p335 Focus Questions What was Freud’s basic view of personality and how it develops? Freud’s psychoanalytic theory assumes that the core of personality is conflict —springing from a basic pleasure seeking energy call the libido . This theory was the first of what are now called psychodynamic theories . A key idea in Freud’s theory of personality is that all humans posses a basic energy called the libido that is directed at satisfying needs, maximizing pleasure, and minimizing pain. Many of the acts that bring pleasure, however, cause conflict as well, which Freud saw as the core of personality. What major contributions did Freud make to the study of personality? Freud was the first to develop a comprehensive theory of personality. Freud’s views have had a profound influence on many later Psychodynamic theorists , referred to as psychodynamic theorists. What aspects of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory were changed by psychodynamic theorist who came after him? The following are among Freud’s successors who made major modifications to his theory. a) Jung with his analytical psychology , rejected Freud’s emphasis on sexuality, introduced the concept of the collective unconscious with its archetypes , and coined the terms introvert and extrovert . b) Adler , with his Individual psychology , rejected Freud’s emphasis on sexuality and instead emphasized striving for superiority and social interest. c)
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4387633-Psychodynamic-Views-Freud-and-Those-Who-Followed -...

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