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Molly Karcher November 25 th 2009 Guest Lecture – Professor Stolfi The basis of the presentation by Professor Fred Stolfi was on the resolution of a problem, which was solved by the company that he once worked for, Philips Electronics. The company proposed a solution to the problems faced by the IRAS Program (Infrared Astronomical Satellite). This was a program launched during the 1980s under the Origins Program, which was a broader scoped program that used telescopes in orbit to look at the electromagnetic spectrum on earth, but in different parts. For example, the Hubble telescope was used to view visible light, Chandra was used to view x-ray radiation, Compton was used to view gamma radiation, and Lyman was used to view infrared radiation. The IRAS was studying infrared radiation, meaning that the system was a significant heat source and so once the cooling agent that the developers used to cool the system would deplete, the entire project was essentially over with. In this case, they used cryogenic cooling as per
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