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Unformatted text preview: Columbia University W1500 General Chemistry Laboratory Spring 2010 Additional Course Information Grading of the Course Quizzes (10 pts each) The third lab session will begin with a quiz over the Dry Lab #1 assignment, the Lab Techniques activity, Experiment #1 and pre-lab assignment for Experiment #2. Quizzes will focus on your conceptual understanding of the experiment you performed in the previous lab session and your ability to perform relevant calculations. In addition, you are expected to understand possible experimental errors and how they impact the results. Prelaboratory Assignment questions about the experiment to be performed that week may also be included. You are expected to understand the pre-lab questions with greater scientific rigor for the post-lab quizzes. [In addition to TA office hours, study problems (posted on Courseworks) are provided with every experiment to assist in preparing for the quizzes.] Laboratory Reports (30 pts - full reports; 20 pts - partial reports) A report is due at the next laboratory session after the experiment is completed. Check the schedule for each experiment to see if you need to write a complete or a partial laboratory report. Included in this document are detailed instructions on how to complete your lab reports. You should consult these instructions in preparation for your first experiment. If you need clarification on the instructions, attend office hours and ask about any unclear sections. A lab report includes a pre-lab (purpose, materials/instrumentation, procedure, and data tables in your lab notebook), observations (turned in with prelab), handwritten calculations, computer generated graphs (where necessary), a report-sheet (from your lab manual), and a typed discussion (full reports only). • Pre-Lab Notebook Preparation (3 pts) You must record in writing the purpose of your experiment and how you intend to accomplish it, the materials and instruments to be used, a step-by-step procedure in your own words and a data table to use during the lab. ! Before attending labs , you must prepare your laboratory notebook in order to understand the lab and efficiently execute it. IMPORTANT: written preparations must be completed before the quiz/discussion time. • Safety, Technique, Knowledge of Procedure and Clean-up (5 pts) Proper dress, including lab coats and goggles, along with safe behavior will be expected at each lab. Correct technique will be demonstrated by your TA or Associate. You will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the experimental procedure. Your TA will assign clean-up points based on proper cleaning of glassware and work areas. You must unplug all instruments, wash and put away glassware and ensure that your bench is free of chemical residue. Your hands must be washed with soap and water before leaving the laboratory....
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This note was uploaded on 03/04/2010 for the course CHEM 1500 taught by Professor Hansen during the Spring '10 term at Columbia.

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Additional_Course_Information_Spr10 - Columbia University...

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