Syllabus - GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1404 Spring Term 2010...

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GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1404 Spring Term 2010 Description : The second of a two-term introductory chemistry sequence, Chemistry 1404/6 will include the following course topics: the properties of gases, liquids, and solids, and the transitions between them; chemical equilibrium; acids and bases; thermodynamics; redox chemistry and electrochemistry; and, chemical kinetics. Prerequisites: Presumes one year of high school chemistry . Completion or concurrent enrollment in calculus is recommended. The chemistry laboratory course offered by the Department is a separate course, and not required or a co-requisite of this course. ACADEMIC FACULTY AND STAFF Instructor: Dr. Robert Beer Email: [email protected] (please use email as the primary means of contact) Office Hours: M/W 5:00-6:00/7:30-8:30 (before and after class) or by appointment in 211 Havemeyer Phone: 854-1665 Teaching Assistants: Jason Polisar Email: [email protected] Corrine Johnson Email: [email protected] Office Location and Hours: TBD Administrative Support Staff: Administrative Coordinator: Socky Lugo, ([email protected]) Undergraduate Secretary: Daisy Melendez, ([email protected]) Undergraduate Chemistry Office: 340 Havemeyer Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5 PM Please contact Professor Beer or the teaching assistants about non-administrative issues via email; include “1404 (Topic of question)” in the subject line. If you have questions concerning CLASS SECTIONS, RECITATION SECTIONS, EXAMS, AND TA-RELATED ISSUES, please send an e-mail to the Undergraduate office: Socky Lugo or Daisy Melendez or visit them in 340 Havemeyer (to the right as you exit 309 Havemeyer). 1404 Lectures: Mon/Wed, 6:10–7:25 Mathmetatics 207 1406 Recitations: Mon/Wed, TBD sections before and after scheduled lecture Participation in the recitation sessions associated with a class section is expected. If you are registered for the course, must enroll in a 1406 recitation connected to this specific 1404 lecture section.
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COURSE SYLLABUS Required Text: Chemical Principles by Steven S. Zumdahl, Sixth Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston (2009). There are ancillary materials provided by the publisher such as a detailed solutions manual to selected problems and a study guide. Text Topics (in order of their presentation): MOLECULAR DESCRIPTION OF THE STATES OF MATTER Chapter 5 Gases Chapter 16 Liquids and Solids Chapter 17 Properties of Solutions EQUILIBRIUM IN CHEMICAL REACTIONS Chapter 6 Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 7 Acids and Bases Chapter 8 Applications of Aqueous Equilibria ENERGY IN CHEMICAL REACTIONS Chapter 9 Energy, Enthalpy and Thermochemistry Chapter 10 Spontaneity, Entropy and Free Energy Chapter 11 Electrochemistry RATES OF CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL PROCESSES Chapter 15 Chemical Kinetics The lecture and recitation define the emphasis on any chapter in the textbook. Unless noted to the contrary, it is your responsibility to assimilate the content of a chapter in its entirety. Some topics
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Syllabus - GENERAL CHEMISTRY 1404 Spring Term 2010...

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