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Design Journal #1  Part 1 1. List each member and role  2. How were team roles selected?  3. Process used to agree upon meeting times 4. Initial teamwork observation (+) Formal “Team Working Agreement” including team meeting guidelines Part 2 : 1. Preliminary understanding of client/organization 2. Research plans on client, organization, problem area, market, product 3. Initial understanding of client’s problem  (+) List of resources used to research client and project’s problem space
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Unformatted text preview: Part 3 : 1. Patent associated with project 2. Patent search strategy 3. Reason for selecting the associated patent (+) Copy of selected patent Part 4 : 1. Identify projects with similar clients and or project areas 2. How can these past efforts support your project research? (+) List or relevant past Gateway projects (+) Agenda for first client meeting (+) Interview protocol with key questions...
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