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StoryofBetaOxidation - Once upon a time in the land of Far...

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Once upon a time, in the land of Far Far Away (FFA), there lived a handsome Prince CoA and beautiful Princess ATP. But their love was not to be, for the evil wizard, Acyl CoA Synthetase, pulled them apart by an evil plan! And transformed them into two horrible trolls: AMP and PPi. With no fair prince and princess to rule the land, Far Far Away was forever scarred and became the land of Acyl CoA. The citizens of this unfortunate land just didn't know what to do! They had to escape, but the land was surrounded by en enchanted wall that the wizard called, "the phospholipid bilayer." The only way out was through the magic door in the middle of Far Far Away. But the door was only visible to those who drank from the Elixir of Carnitine. Sadly, there was only enough elixir for one person. So all the citizens of Far Far Away chose the bravest knight to drink it. The Knight stepped through the door and found himself in a disturbing place. A squirrel approached him and then began to speak!
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