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fieldnote 11 - Your field notes have been sent. Here is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Your field notes have been sent. Here is a copy for your review or to print NAME: Xuan Duong E-MAIL: SITE: LCM (Solana Beach @ St. Leo's Mission) DATE: 12/3 CHILDREN: Koralis, 7. Jasmine, 7. ACTIVITIES: ABC, Hangman, Reading Homework. LANGUAGE: English and Spanish. OTHER ADULT COLLABORATORS: Jennifer, Anna (UG), Susanna (coordinator) Social Scene: This was my second time visiting the site at Solana Beach, located in St. Leos Mission. And just like last time, as Jennifer and I entered the learning and computer center we were greeted by Susanna, the coordinator. She was extremely cheerful today and informed us that after we helped some of the children with their homework, we could set up the tables because we were going to have a party and the Kiwanis club would stop by. Because Jennifer and I arrived early, there were not many children at site yet, so we joined one of the adult helpers in a game of ABC with a girl named Koralis. After we played with Koralis we changed the game to play Hangman. When we finished 3 rounds of Hangman, Jasmine came by and asked Jennifer and I to help her with her homework. While the adult helpers set up the tables for the party, Jennifer and I helped Jasmine with her reading homework. Later, Koralis came to join us and help Jasmine, her friend and classmate, with her reading. When we finished, Susanna told us all to come in to start the party. Susanna introduced the Kiwanis club to us and thanked them for their generous donations to LCM. When the speeches were over, we all entered the learning center to eat food and socialize for the remainder of the time. I learned about the Kiwanis club and their contributions to the community. After all the children and adult helpers left, Jennifer and I helped clean up the tables and left with a lot of the left over foods. Overall, the atmosphere was very inviting and everyone was excited to receive their donated gifts and try all the different kinds of foods. Focused Observation: When Jennifer and I waited for the children to come, one of the adult helpers saw we were bored so she asked us to join in on a game she made up called ABC. The game was simple, each person had to complete the sentences with the words that begin with the letter they had. For example, the first person would start with the letter A and recite the sentence while adding their A-words. A, my name is Alice. My husbands name is Andrew. We come from Alabama. And we sell apples. Then I was next and I said, B, my name is Brittany. My husbands name is Brad. We Then I was next and I said, B, my name is Brittany....
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fieldnote 11 - Your field notes have been sent. Here is a...

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