PSY 163 Midterm SG 1

PSY 163 Midterm SG 1 - b Genetic i Phenotype(physical and...

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PSY 163 Midterm 1 Study Guide 1. Abnormal Behavior a. Characterized as… (leaves out/includes many people) i. Statistical infrequency ii. Psychological dysfunction iii. Personal distress iv. Deviation from an ideal v. Atypically or not culturally expected b. Abnormal Psychology i. A psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning that is not a typical or culturally expected response c. Psychopathology: scientific study of psychological development d. Psychoanalysis: unconscious drives and associations (Freud) e. Behaviorism: rewards and punishments determine behavior (Watson) f. Humanism: not feeling accepted/connected (Rogers, Maslow) 2. Biopsychosocial Approach to Psychopathology a. Multidimensional Model of Abnormal Behavior i. Biological, behavioral, emotional, social and developmental influences 1. E.g. PTSD= Biological: family history, hippocampal hypotropy; Psychological: high fear response to trauma; Social: lower education, minority, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Genetic i. Phenotype (physical) and Genotype (genetic level) ii. Behavior = polygenetic, GTF2i iii. Reaction Range: 1. Degree of potential outcome determined by heredity; actual outcome is determined by environment iv. Genes and Environment 1. Diathesis- Stress Model a. “Diathesis” = susceptibility to develop a disorder 1 PSY 163 Midterm 1 Study Guide 2. Reciprocal Gene-Environment Model a. – 3. Soumi et al. (Caspi- same study) a. 5HTT- Serotonin Transporter Gene i. Monkeys with long and short 5HTT allele ii. Result: effects of 5HTT allele variations depends upon environmental stressors c. Neuroscience i. Divisions of the Brain 1. Hindbrain a. Medulla b. Pons c. Cerebellum 2. Midbrain a. Coordinates and 3. Forebrain 3. Diagnosis (Assessment and Classification) 4. Somatoform Disorders 5. Dissociative Disorders 2...
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PSY 163 Midterm SG 1 - b Genetic i Phenotype(physical and...

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