PSY 163 final SG tables

PSY 163 final SG tables - Sexual Dysfunctions Features...

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Sexual Dysfunctions Features Causes Treatment Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder -Disinterest, dislike, lack of desire for sex -Rarely masturbate, fantasize -Women’s prevalence decreases with age -Men’s prevalence increases with age -Introduce erotic material -Masturbatory training -Reeducation, communication Sexual Aversion Disorder Females -Little interest in sex -Fear and panic or disgust -Inability to maintain adequate lubrication Males -Difficulty achieving erection Circulatory Orgasmic Disorder Females -Delay or absence of orgasm -Situational or cultural -Masturbatory training procedures used to transfer learning to partner Males -Premature ejaculation -Behavioral -Biological theories -Squeeze technique -Inflatable penis Dyspareunia -Pain associated with sex (But adequate desire, able to attain arousal) -distress Vaginismus -Involuntary spasms of musculature of the outer 3 rd wall of the vagina -distress -Dilator insertion Causes: o Medical conditions, Rx meds, recreational meds o Cognitive, physiological, emotional o Social and cultural (Erotophobia) Treatment: o Eliminate anxiety – Communication, dispel myths o Sensate Focus o Nondemand pleasuring Substance Abuse Effects Tolerance Withdrawal Depressants GABA agonists -relax, sleepy, inhibition (Frontal lobe), motor impairment (cerebellum) Glutamate antagonists -impair memory (hippocampus) Serotonin -Metabolic change (dosage) -insomnia, agitation, heart rate, seizures, “delirium tremens” (delusions, hallucinations)
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-cravings Dementia Korsakoff’s Syndrome (thiamine deficiency) Brain structure: ventricles, cerebellum decreases in size
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PSY 163 final SG tables - Sexual Dysfunctions Features...

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