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HDP 191 NB#1 - Duong, Xuan 1 HDP 191 Field Research...

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Duong, Xuan 1 HDP 191 Field Research Notebook #1 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong Dates: April 2, 2009 Place: Early Childhood Education Center Time: 3:00-4:30pm Part II: Overall Perspective It is 3:00pm and all the children are in their classrooms. The outside areas for all the eight classrooms are empty and so are the play grounds. It is very quiet outside the classrooms, until Room 8. Inside classroom, “Room 8,” there are about 20 children sitting down on their desks. The classroom consists of 4-5 year olds and the walls are filled with decorations, paintings, and other projects made by the children. There are three tables on one side of the class, each filled with children sitting in a semi-circle with paper plates in front of them. On the plates are their snacks for ‘snack-time’ which begins after their afternoon nap (from 12pm to 3:00pm). Their snack-time usually starts around 3:00pm and ends at about 3:30pm and today, consists of mini plain bagels, slices of bananas without the peels, and milk in individual milk cartons. The room smells of bananas and is loud with the chatter of the children talking amongst themselves while they eat. The children are smiling and laughing, which exudes a playful and comfortable mood. Part III: Specific Interactions Once the children are finished with their snacks, they are allowed to go outside to play, but under the condition that they do not speak to the other children who are still eating snacks. When all the children are outside and done with their snacks, Mrs. Regina, the main teacher of Room 8, rings a little bronze bell and announces that it’s
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Duong, Xuan 2 “Party time.” She turns on a stereo and music from the movie, High School Musical plays loudly. The children surround her and as Mrs. Regina starts to dance, the children start as well. A group of girls are dancing together while some children are dancing along with the music by themselves. The atmosphere is lively and about 15 of the 20 children are dancing to the music. As the music continues, the children stop dancing and walk away. Slowly, 12 children leave the group and the 3 left dancing stop once the music stops. Out of the children playing in the play ground, a large group of boys (4-5) are playing with toy cars and tractors on the table. Although they do not talk to each other much, they make loud noises, imitating the cars and tractors in their possession. Two boys run the cars’ wheels on the table very loudly. A large combination of sounds comes from this group of boys. Two boys get off the table and approach the floor with their tractors and trucks. They lay on the floor while rolling their cars around, at the same time being very loud. In another corner, another large group is playing together. A group of girls (5-6)
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HDP 191 NB#1 - Duong, Xuan 1 HDP 191 Field Research...

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