HDP 191 NB#2

HDP 191 NB#2 - Duong, Xuan 1 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong...

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Unformatted text preview: Duong, Xuan 1 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong Dates: April 20, 2009 Place: Early Childhood Education Center Time: 9:00-12:30pm (3.5 hours, 8 hours) Specific Key Words*: Group, solitary play, gender, toy, preference *Note: My Notebook this week doesnt focus on specific behaviors from my topic because these site visits were taken prior to deciding my Research Topic. Part II: Overall Perspective It is 9:00am and there are only 17 children present in Room 4. The class consists of 32 children (ages 3 to 4), but today many of the parents are late in bringing their child in to class. The rest of the children come trickling in within the next hour. Its a Monday morning, but unlike the parents, the children are energetic and very active while they play in the classroom. After being dropped off, the mood of the children are very playful and the parents are in a positive mood as well. The head teacher, Ms. Robin, has conversations with a few parents that come in. The environment is very welcoming to the parents and other visitors as well. The classroom is lined with childrens paintings on the wall. Other pieces of artwork hang from the ceiling. It is a colorful room and the toys and colorful furniture add light to the classroom, bringing a bright and positive vibe to those who enter it. Mondays rarely consist of special events or activities, and since the weather is cold outside, the children stay inside and play until the head teacher starts reading time. Inside, the children are quieter than they are when outside, but the majority of them still kept their rambunctious attitudes. Part III: Specific Interactions Duong, Xuan 2 The teachers wait for the children to come in, they have all spaced themselves apart. One teacher is watching over the children on the far corner of the classroom, while another teacher is watching over the children in the play rooms (kitchen and reading room). The assistant teachers help tidy up the chairs and tables. As parents enter, at least one of the teachers greets the parent and the child. A few of the parents have conversations with the teachers. One parent enters with her child and a baby in her arms. Ms. Robin and the parent exchange smiles, she approaches the parent to greet her. The parent takes a step forward and says hello back to her. Ms. Robin talks to the parent about the baby, she asks questions, and they share a joke together. They laugh as they look at the child and the parent leaves smiling after she blows a kiss to her daughter, Stephanie. After the children enter the classroom with their parent (s), they leave their belongings (sweaters, backpacks, hats, extra clothes, sunscreen, etc.) in their cubbies. Each cubby is marked with the childs name. Once the children are done putting away their things, they say good bye to their parent and begin to play in the classroom. 8 children are in the kitchen area, 5 girls and 3 boys. This exceeds the amount of children allowed in the kitchen area, so Ms. Robin tells a few of the children to leave, but once allowed in the kitchen area, so Ms....
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HDP 191 NB#2 - Duong, Xuan 1 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong...

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