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HDP 191 NB#3 - Duong, Xuan 1 NB#3 Part I: Log Name: Xuan...

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Duong, Xuan 1 NB#3 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong Dates: May 1, 2009 Place: Early Childhood Education Center Time: 3:00-5:00pm (2 hours, 12 hours total) Specific words/descriptors: social interaction (group or solitary play), forms of play, gender Part II: Overall Perspective It’s a Friday afternoon and the weather outside is the hottest it has been for the entire week. Despite the weather, all the class rooms are playing outside in their respective playgrounds. As I enter through the front office, teachers and caregivers to the younger children (about 9 to 18 months), are playing in the play pens outside. Some of the caregivers are pushing the toddlers in colorful carts and strollers. As the caregivers tend to the children, they also converse with one another, from one end of the play area to another end. Their laughter and loud voices fill the air, making the environment a welcoming, relaxing and casual place. The classroom (4, ages 3-4) is air conditioned and one of the teachers is cleaning up the snacks inside while two other teachers set up the chairs and toy boxes outside. The children are lined up to go outside and play. There are two lines formed in front of the door. One row is for girls and one for boys. The children talk to one another while they wait for permission to go outside, but the boys only talk to the boys and the girls only talk to the girls. There is no interaction between the two lines. After about 2 minutes, the teacher tells the children they can go outside to play. There are the usual games and toys outside: large play-ground set bolted to the ground, the small plastic play ground (for younger children), two small houses with kitchens, and two tables, one for blocks the other for plastic puzzle blocks. There are bins that contain different types of sports balls and a corner with a bench and plastic mat for sitting and
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Duong, Xuan 2 NB#3 reading books that are inside a plastic crate. A minute after the children are released from their lines, they scatter to different areas of the playground. Part III: Specific Interactions The loudest children in the area caught my attention first. Cole, David, and another boy that usually plays with Cole are on the little yellow tricycles. They ride the tricycles around the play ground on the cement. The boys are very rambunctious and make loud noises and sounds as they ride by each other. Cole rides next to his friend and they talk to each other, Cole says, “this one goes really fast,” referring to his bike as he looks at it. Then he starts pedaling even faster, he passes the two other boys behind. David pedals as he stares at Cole, and continues to pedal even faster. Cole slows down and David catches up to him saying, “This is fast too.” After David’s comment the three boys go on to pedal at their own paces. Each of the boys rides the tricycles without any attention to each other. The third boy pedals as he looks to his right where there are children playing in the sandbox. He pedals slower and turns his head around to see the
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HDP 191 NB#3 - Duong, Xuan 1 NB#3 Part I: Log Name: Xuan...

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