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HDP 191 NB#4 - D uong Xuan 1 NB#4 Part I Log Name Xuan...

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Duong, Xuan 1 NB#4 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong Dates: May 12, 2009 Place: Early Childhood Education Center Time: 2:45-5:00pm (2 hours 15 mins, 18 hours total) Specific Research Question: Do boys and girls have different play preferences? Are they more likely to play in groups or by themselves? What forms of play do they prefer more? Part II: Overall Perspective The weather outside is gloomy, the sky is cloudy and the sun is nowhere to be seen. The playgrounds of Room 1 and 2 are empty. All the children are inside their classrooms because of the weather, and also because some classrooms are still finishing up their snack times, but Room 4 is different. Room 4 had just finished their snack time and the smell of bananas remains in the air. There are 23 children in the classroom, and earlier that day 5 students had gone home with their parents. As usual, there are four teachers and teacher aides present. The children are lined up to go outside and they trickle one by one to leave the classroom when their names are called. Part III: Specific Interactions Grace-Sun is playing by herself, she does not interact with the two boys next to her and she does not talk at all, not even to herself. She sits on a mat near a bench and a crate full of books. She picks up a block and one of the books on the mat and starts to play with it. She keeps the block in her left hand for over eight minutes. Within this time, she flips the pages of the book with her right hand. She spends little time on each page as she glances at the pictures, then looks up at other children. There is a large group of children playing a game with the main teacher and they are making noises. These loud noises leads Grace-Sun to look up from her book. She pays little attention to the book, continually looking up from it to look at other children. She looks over at the large group playing a game, then she looks over at children on the playground play set. The entire
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Duong, Xuan 2 NB#4 time she observes her peers, she does not move from her seat. She continues to sit at the spot for a little while longer, with the toy block in hand and the book in her lap, until Alex comes along. Alex had just come out of the classroom and looks around the playground. He then proceeds to the reading area where Grace-Sun is sitting and kneels down next to her. He picks up a book from the crate and starts to flip the pages. He shifts over towards Grace-Sun so that his side is exactly next to her side, so that she is also able to see his book. He talks to himself, looking at the pages and points to the pictures. As he does this, Grace-Sun looks over at the book as well. He eyes are fixed on the pictures that his finger is pointing to. He says something about the picture, then Grace-Sun laughs. The he flips the page, points, and addresses it again. Again, Grace-Sun giggles after he finishes talking. They both ‘read’ the book together on the mat while the other children play. Kaitlin is also playing by herself at one of the tables outside. The table is set up
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HDP 191 NB#4 - D uong Xuan 1 NB#4 Part I Log Name Xuan...

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