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HDP 191 NB#5 - Duong, Xuan 1 NB#5 Part I: Log Name: Xuan...

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Duong, Xuan 1 NB#5 Part I: Log Name: Xuan Duong Dates: May 26, 2009 Place: Early Childhood Education Center Time: 2:45-5:15pm (2 hours 30 minutes, 26 hours 30 minutes total) Specific Research Hypothesis: Boys tend to play more exercise and rough-and-tumble play, while girls take part in pretend and other play. Boys are also more likely to play alone than girls. Part II: Overall Perspective There was nothing out of the ordinary at ECEC except the gloomy weather. The weather was quite cold, which was actually a sudden change from last week’s sunny skies. In Room 4, there were more children absent than the usual, which ranges from about 1-5 absences, but today there were about 8 children out. The teachers I spoke with blamed this on the weather and some speculated that it was due to families going on trips for the Memorial Day holiday (Monday, the day before). Despite the weather, number of children present, and the long weekend, the children did not exhibit any out- of-the-ordinary play behaviors. Part III: Specific Interactions There were two tables set up with toys. One table had flat colorful plastic toys that were connectable to form different shapes. Fiona and two other girls played at this station together. Fiona connected 7 toys together to make a round ring shaped figure, she placed it on her head as if it were a crown and said to the girl next to her, Sophia, who was not paying attention. The other girl was connecting the toys as well, but Fiona tapped her on the shoulder and said, “I wanna be Cinderella.” The girl looked at Fiona
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Duong, Xuan 2 NB#5 and then up at her head where the pretend crown was and said, “I wanna be Snow White.” The three girls talk to each other about the toys. Fiona places her hand on the other girl’s toy to help her connect two parts. Fiona stands there for a few seconds watching the two other girls work on their toys. There is no eye contact or conversation; the girls are focused on their toys except for Fiona. After she had finished with her crown, she did not continue playing with the toys, instead she observed more, after this, she walked off. Slowly, Fiona walked towards the grass area and sits down. The two girls at the table notice this; one of the girls leaves her toy on the table, while the other takes it with her as they both walk over to the grass. The three girls say nothing but they sit on the grass together, all three facing each other, like a in a triangle. Fiona just stares off towards other children playing, one of the girls starts to pick grass from the lawn. After a few seconds, the girl picking the grass leaves and walks towards the play set. A boy, Alex, approaches the empty table of connectable-toys; he picks up the toy that one of the girls (Sophia) was playing with. Sophia had made a small version of Fiona’s toy. When Sophia sees this, she points at Alex from the grass towards the table and says to Fiona, “Look he stole my bracelet!” Then she puts her arm down and looks at Fiona, who says nothing but looks at Alex. Sophia makes an angry-looking face, gets
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HDP 191 NB#5 - Duong, Xuan 1 NB#5 Part I: Log Name: Xuan...

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