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HDP 191 RP#2 - Duong Xuan 1 HDP 191 RP#2 Research Articles...

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Duong, Xuan 1 HDP 191 RP#2 Possible research topic 1: Social significance of violent play behaviors of preschool children 1. The Effects of Active and Violent Play Activities on Brief Functional Analysis Outcomes a. Reflection: i. Challenging behavior has been linked to a child’s preference in violent playing activity, but the largest contributing factor may be the environment. External factors play a role in child’s behavior, which can lead to shaping their playing preferences. Researchers use reinforcement (positive and negative) to manipulate a child’s behavior, this knowledge can further be applied to the education of teachers, instructors and caregivers in how to treat children with aggressive tendencies. b. Critical Analysis i. McLaughlin, Derby, Gwinn, Taitch, Bolich, Weber, Rogers, Williams, 2003. ii. The hypothesis that was tested: Functional communication training (FCT) can change a child’s playing behavior, from a challenging, violent activity to a more non-violent non-active activity.
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Duong, Xuan 2 iii. The hypothesis was supported by the research, after the treatment (FCT) was introduced for a long period of extended sessions; the child chose a more non-violent activity 100 percent of the time. iv. The study was supported by the research, but there were a few problems: 1. The variables were limited in that there were only two categories of behavior (aberrant and non-aberrant), and the operational definition for aberrant behavior included three subcategories: aggression, tantruming, and destruction. Although the descriptions were very clear and concise, some behaviors were not accounted for, such as non-social or fantasy violence. 2.
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HDP 191 RP#2 - Duong Xuan 1 HDP 191 RP#2 Research Articles...

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