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PSYC172 key terms_1

PSYC172 key terms_1 - 1 PSYC 172 M I D T E R M 1...

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1 PSYC 172 MIDTERM 1 VOCAB (1)Female anatomy/physiology: -Ovaries -Fallopian tube -Uterus -Cervix -Vagina -Clitoris -Mons veneris -Clitoris -Labia Majora/Minora -Perineum -Breasts Menstruation: -Menarche -Menopause -Menstrual Cycle -Menstrual Phase -Proliferative Phase -Ovulation -Secretory/Luteal Phase Male anatomy/physiology: -Penis -Corpora cavernosa -Circumcision -Testes -Seminiferous tubule -Epididymis -Vas deferens -Seminal vesicles -Prostate -Cowper’s gland -Scrotum (2)Brain: -Cerebral cortex -Limbic system Sex Hormones -Testosterone -Estrogens -Estradiol -Estriol -Estrone -Progesterone -Oxytocin Sexual Response Cycles -Masters and Johnson EPOR Model -Kaplan’s Model of Sexual Response -Reed’s ESP Model Orgasms -Refractory period -Multiple orgasms -Female orgasms types -Freud -Masters and Johnson -Singer & Singer -G-spot -Ejaculation (3)Conception/early fetal development -Egg -Sperm -Capacitation -Pronucleate stage -Morula -Blastula -Blastocyst -Implantation -Placenta -Amniotic sac/fluid Pregnancy complications -Rh incompatibility -Pregnancy-induced hypertension/Toxemia -Ectopic pregnancy -Miscarriage -Preterm birth
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