SOCB 118A - SOCB 118A Lecture 1/10 1. Sex vs. Gender a....

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SOCB 118A Lecture 1/10 1. Sex vs. Gender a. Biological categorization and social construction= go together, not separate (combined) 2. Victorian Era a. White traditional wedding gown/ funeral color in China b. Fashion trend that carried on c. No natural symbol for color 3. Karotype a. XX-Female b. Xy-Male : genetically the weaker sex (Hemophilia, etc) c. XXY-Kleinfelter Syndrome (in males) d. X- Turner Syndrome (in females) 4. Intersex a. b. Encourages doctors not to intervene in surgical sex procedures 5. Dr. Money, John a. Interviews with transgenders b. Believed gender was socially construct, Johns Hopkins, nurture trumps nature belief c. David Reimer (John/Joan/Brenda?) i. Biologically male, raised female ii. Botched circumcise, constructed artificial vagina and hormone medicated iii. Born as an identical twin iv. HUGE cultural impact v. Relieved, felt insane male! d. Experiment failed, Money gives excuses e. John Colapinto “As Nature Made Him” Lecture 1/15 1. Sry (gene) in y-chromosome 2. Women as “default” human 3. Debate: genes or hormones: make a person feel m/f? a. Hormones don’t make you ‘know’ you’re m/f e.g. David Reimer 4. Men vs. Women a. [Men] bigger pituitary glands (gay males’ similar to women’s) b. [Women] bigger corpus callosum c. More neurons d. More balanced functions between hemispheres e. What are the functions of these differences? 5. Social Theory a. We behave the way we do because it is socially appropriate b. Gender Schemes i. Subtle, basic rules/ideas about how a gender acts 1. E.g. women like jewelry, men like sports. c. Stereotypes i. Expectations of behaviors, usually because personal experience ii. Self reinforcing, usually more clear cut than behaviors 1. E.g. women drive worse than men. d. Social-cognitive theories (2)
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i. Other people reward you for being gender-appropriate 1. E.g. father telling you boys don’t cry ii. You, early on, choose the gender you belong to by your behavior (age 5-7) 1. E.g. I’m a girl, doing girl things, I should be happy. Lecture 1/17 1. Cultural Specificity a. Different cultures value different things b. Cultures tend to value what women lacked c. tend to minimize the differences between genders 2. Gender in sexual partners a. men tend to say they have more sexual partners than women, but on the contrast men would more likely over report and women would more likely under report
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SOCB 118A - SOCB 118A Lecture 1/10 1. Sex vs. Gender a....

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