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Some common AMT adjustments – Solution Part 1: Depreciation. In March 2009, Celtic Corporation acquired some 5-year property for use in their business at a cost of $100,000. Assume that Celtic does not elect Sec. 179. Required : [a] What is Celtic’s cost recovery for 2009 for regular income tax purposes? [b] What is Celtic’s AMT cost recovery for 2009? [c] What is Celtic’s AMTI adjustment for 2009? [d] What is Celtic’s ACE cost recovery for 2009 [e] What is Celtic’s ACE adjustment for 2009? Solution : Cost recovery Regular income tax (200% DB method – Table A-1) $100,000 x 20% $20,000 AMT (150% DB method – Table A-14) $100,000 x 15% $15,000 AMT adjustment ($20,000 – $15,000) + 5,000 ACE (150% DB method – Table A-14) $100,000 x 15% $15,000 ACE adjustment ($15,000 – $15,000) - 0 - Note: Table references are to IRS Publication 946: How to Depreciate Property .
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Part 2: Gain or loss on disposal. Patriot sells an apartment building for $720,000. The building cost $600,000.
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some_common_AMT_adjustments_solutions - Some common AMT...

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