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Winter 2010 AST 2010 First Exam, M, Feb 8, 12:50-2:40 Prof A. M. Saperstein Name____________________________________________________________ This is a closed book exam. All use of notes, books, or reference to other students or their papers is strictly forbidden. Honest communication and lack of plagiarism is the hall mark of science and will be strictly enforce in this science class. There are 51 multiple choice questions on this exam sheet. Copy – carefully – the answer you choose for each question onto the Scantron sheet which has been provided to you; make sure that your name and student ID are carefully entered onto the Scantron sheet. You may keep the question sheet; the corrected Scantron sheet will be returned to you. The correct answers will be posted to the course Blackboard immediately after the exam. 1. The correct answer to this question is “b”. 2. The largest planet is  a. Mars b. Mercury *c. Jupiter d. Pluto e. Saturn   3.A reason why the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing a. Galaxy cluster *b. Dark energy c. Dark matter d. Big bang 4. 5,402 has the same meaning as  a. 5.402 x 10 2 b. 5.402 x 10 -3 *c. 5.402 x 10 3 d. 5.402 x 10 4 5. A positive particle in the nucleus a. Atom *b. Protons c. Neutrons d. Electrons e. Neutrino 6. The _____  is the point directly above any location on the Earth’s surface. a. The North Pole b. North Celestial Pole c. South Celestial pole d. Polaris
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*e. Zenith 7. The Sun crosses your zenith during the winter solstice if you were standing on the  ________. a. Arctic circle b. Tropic of Cancer *c. Tropic of Capricorn d. Equator e. Prime Meridian  8. The  _______  is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth opposite the Prime Meridian  where the date changes as one travels east or west across it. a. Time zones b. Equator c. Tropic of Cancer *d. International Date Line e. Tropic of Capricorn 9. A ______ is said to occur when only part of the Moon is in the Earth’s _____. *a. Partial lunar eclipse , umbra b. Partial lunar eclipse , Penumbra c. Total lunar eclipse, umbra d. Total lunar eclipse, Penumbra e. Total solar eclipse, umbra 10. In 1582, the ________ calendar was introduced to make a 10 day correction. a. Babylonian calendar b. Roman calendar c. Julian calendar *d. Gregorian calendar 11. ______ demonstrated that the Sun is much bigger than the Earth and more distant than the Moon. a. Pythagoras
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AST test _1 B.answers - Winter 2010 AST 2010 First Exam M...

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