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%\def\solutionMode{TRUE} \ifx\bookMode\undefined \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{373} \fi \BeginDocument \HWNum{Spring 10}{1}{Tuesday Feb 9 in class before the lecture.} \Title{Problem Set 1} \MakeTitleHW %\hline Please \underline{follow} the homework format guidelines posted on the class web page: \centerline{\url{\CourseWebpage}} %\hline \bigskip \begin{enumerate} \item \ProblemTtl{DFA building}{Construction}{20} Let $\Sigma = \{\Ta, \Tb\}$. Let $L$ be the set of strings $s$ in $\Sigma^*$ such that $s$ has an even number of $\Ta$'s and exactly two $\Tb$'s. Construct a deterministic finite automaton for $L$ that has at most $7$ states. Make sure that your \DFA is complete. If you find this hard, you can also give a \DFA with more states that accepts $L$ for partial credit. \item \ProblemTtl{}{Construction}{20} Your goal is to design an automatic lights control system. The system has a sensor that detects motion in the room and sends the data to controller every 2 seconds; controller turns the lights on when somebody enters the room, and turns off when
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