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biolab - Graph the following relationship between the...

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Bio 2290G Dean Unit Graphing Assignment ROTATION 1 (NCB 325) Winter 2010 Graphing Assignments Use the information in the Resource Manual (p.29-33) to complete two graphing assignments in this unit of Biology 2290. The graphs must be computer generated. If you do not have a computer graphing programme, you can use computers in the Genlabs on campus. One is located in room 105 of the North Campus Building. NOTE: It is not acceptable for you to collaborate with others in producing the graphs. By this we mean that you may not enter the data once and print off copies for others to hand in. If this occurs, it will be treated as plagiarism (see page 23 in the 2009 Western Academic Calendar). Assignment #1 (Due at the beginning of lab class #3)
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Unformatted text preview: Graph the following relationship between the temperature of a Tris buffer solution and its pH. Temperature ( ° C) pH 25 8.100 26 8.072 27 8.044 28 8.016 29 7.988 30 7.960 Assignment #2 (Due at the beginning of lab class #5). Graph the following relationship between wavelength and the absorbance of a blue dye solution. (This graph is an absorption spectrum. The data points should be connected with a smooth line ). Wavelength (nm) Absorbance 360 0.051 380 0.110 400 0.149 420 0.047 440 0.019 460 0.016 480 0.014 500 0.035 520 0.057 540 0.100 560 0.123 580 0.220 600 0.339 Hand in your graphs on a separate sheet of paper including your name and section number. Please do not include your student number on the assignment....
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