Krajnyk Unit marking scheme

Krajnyk Unit marking scheme - Detailed guidelines and...

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Detailed guidelines and marking scheme for a poster Note: In the case of multiple authors for the poster presentation, it will be assumed that, all members of a team have contributed significantly, effectively and equally to both the experimental work and preparation of the poster presentation . Although every member in a team will receive the same mark, the team (in consultation with the professor) will make adjustments in cases of exceptional or unsatisfactory work on the part of an individual team member. Poster ( 15 marks ) The following aspects will be considered in evaluating the design of your poster and its communicative power. 1 Is the poster the right size? 1 Is the title easily seen in a large room? 1 Are the authors and their affiliation easily distinguished? 2 Is the text easy to read (size of letters, type of font and same font used throughout the poster)? 1 Does the poster have visual impact? 2 Does the poster have a clear visual central focus? 2 Flow of information is easy to follow. 2 Poster has been checked for typographical and grammatical errors. 2 Is the scientific message clear and succinct? 1 Does the poster project credibility and professionalism? Content ( 85 marks ) Use sans serif font. Main headings can be in either sentence case or uppercase (be consistent) and thick style ( bold type ) text in a type size of 1.3 cm. Subheadings are usually 0.6 cm in height and can be either normal or bold type text. The main text is always in normal style text with a type size of 0.6 cm. Title ( 10 marks ) 3 Should represent the essence of your experiment: be informative, concise, and specific. 1 Position the title on top of the poster and leave a margin of 2.5–4 cm on all sides of the poster. 1 Title may be centred or aligned left or right taking into account the overall layout of the design. 1 Letters for the title should be a thick style ( bold type ) text 2.3 cm in height. 2 Names of authors (1.4 cm bold type ) and their affiliation (0.9 cm normal) should appear centred below the title and authors respectively. (See examples in Resource manual). 2 Use sentence case for title and title case for authors and affiliation.
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Introduction ( 15 marks ) The objectives of this section are to state reasons for doing this experiment and to justify, with logical arguments, as to why the issue or question was addressed.
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Krajnyk Unit marking scheme - Detailed guidelines and...

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