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Biology 2290F/G—Scientific Methods in Biology Course Outline (Syllabus) 2009/2010 (1) Course Information: Biology 2290F/G is a laboratory course in the UWO Biology program dedicated to enabling students to apply sound experimental investigation and analyses to biological questions. Selected technical, analytical, and communication skills are introduced in diverse biological contexts as students rotate through four areas of study. Summary of course structure: Students are registered into one of 12 Sections (001–012). The term is divided into 4, three week-long rotations (Rotation 1–4). Four Units (named for the instructors) are offered in each rotation. Students will attend classes according to the following timetable: Zabulionis Unit (Sections) Dean Unit (Sections) Krajnyk Unit (Sections) Gray Unit (Sections) Rotation # 1 Jan 11–Jan 28 001,002,003 004,005,006 007,008,009 010,011,012 Rotation #2 Feb 1–Feb 25 007,008,009 010,011,012 004,005,006 001,002,003 Rotation #3 Mar 1–Mar 18 004,005,006 001,002,003 010,011,012 007,008,009 Rotation #4 Mar 22–Apr 8 010,011,012 007,008,009 001,002,003 004,005,006 Scheduled Class Times: Sections 001, 004, 007 and 010: Monday 2:30–4:30, Wednesday 2:30–5:30. Sections 002, 005, 008 and 011: Tuesday 9:30–11:30, Thursday 8:30–11:30. Sections 003, 006, 009 and 012: Tuesday 2:30–4:30, Thursday 2:30–5:30. Class Locations: Dean Unit: NCB 325. Gray Unit: NCB 114. Krajnyk Unit: NCB 331. Zabulionis Unit: NCB 330. Prerequisites: A grade of at least 60% in Biology 1222/1223 ( old 022/023 ) is a prerequisite for this course. Unless you have either the prerequisite for this course or written special permission from the Dean of your Faculty to enrol in it, you will be removed from the course and it will be deleted from your record. This decision may not be appealed. You will receive no adjustment to your fees in the event that you are dropped from the course for failing to have the prerequisites.
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(2) Instructors: Dr. Rob Dean Ext. 86797 NCB 301F [email protected] (Course chair) Tricia Gray Ext. 80146 NCB 301B [email protected] Irene Krajnyk Ext. 86505 NCB 301E [email protected] Ray Zabulionis Ext. 86475 NCB 342 [email protected] Office hours. By appointment or drop in. Communicating with instructors and TAs : Use your uwo email account only. We will not respond to emails originating from non-uwo email accounts. Technical Coordination: Jeni Duro, Liz Ross. Teaching Assistants: Graduate student Teaching Assistants will be present at each laboratory class. (Exception : Gray Unit). (3) Course Syllabus: (3a) Attendance: Attendance at all laboratories at your designated time is essential in order to maintain the continuity of your experiments and obtain maximum credit. Students who are absent for three of the six sessions of any given rotation will receive a grade of "F" for the entire course. This “F” may be revised to “INC” (incomplete) only upon recommendation from your Dean’s Office in cases of documented health or compassionate
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syllabus - Biology 2290F/GScientific Methods in Biology...

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