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Jan 13 (2) - Brand Spanking New Material for 2010 -please...

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Brand “Spanking New” Material for 2010 -please remove the last slide from the January 13, 2010 presentation already uploaded to WebCT & replace with these slides -material is covered on page 286 of the text, but it is quite superficial and the corresponding figure (7-18) is not complete & is somewhat dated -I have included some contemporary data from the literature to make the explanation more clear and included the idea of “supershifting”, which links this concept with what you know about the utility of antibodies -As always, drop by at anytime if you have any questions
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Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA) -used to detect DNA-transcription factor (TF) interactions -analytical tool -utilizes many of the techniques already described -need information on what gene is being expressed in your cell line - need information on promoter sequence (putative bindings sites for TFs) of gene being expressed -need radioactively-labeled DNA fragment(s) [probe(s)] corresponding to putative TF(s) binding site(s) -antibodies to candidate TF(s) that may be binding to the promoter of gene being expressed
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Jan 13 (2) - Brand Spanking New Material for 2010 -please...

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