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brae lab 2 - Connor Martin Lab II Water Rights Part I Water...

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Connor Martin 1/18/2010 Lab II – Water Rights Part I: Water Rights Pueblo rights only apply to the small towns and municipalities that descended from them. Some places that still use pueblo rights are San Diego and Los Angeles. The Pueblo rights include both surface and ground water to the area regulated. The water is limited to the where the original was placed into action. The pueblo right holder has the right to draw water from the entire watershed. Also the entity has the right to draw water for reasonable and beneficial purposes. Water cannot be sold outside of city. This means that water has to be sold in water shed. Quantity of water given to the water shed can increase over time. Appropriative rights were formed from the miners who settled the west. The basic idea behind the right is that the first one to use the water has the right to the water. The later users are lower priority to the first users. The rights are usually judged to be specific amounts. These rights can be applied to surface water and ground water. Another key factor is that if water is not used for a period of time the water rights will be considered abandoned and lost to the owner. Water rights in this system can be sold or transferred. When trying to get water rights for this system one must file for them through the state. Finally storage of water is allowable for users. Riparian rights were derived from the English common law. They work well in wet climates. Although in arid climates riparian rights are not as effective. The system is based on ownership. Water comes with land and the land must physically touch the water.
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brae lab 2 - Connor Martin Lab II Water Rights Part I Water...

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