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Class Psychology 7 Date 10/06/09 I!I$sodaltb ~lub£nlS •••• ~otctahin« serbia N otetaker Revlin Lee 03 Next ExaJP/20/09 Page 1 of 3 Copyright © 1996 ASUCSB Reproduction in any form is a violation of Federal Copyright Laws. A.S. Not~taking 893-4471 Open 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday Closed Finals Week ANNOUNCEMENTS OUTLINE OF LAST LECTURE IV. Experiments A. Why we need them B. Basic and Applied Experiments C. Caveats for scientists OUTLINE OF TODAY'S LECTURE IV Experiments D. Cause and Co-occurrence E. What is an experiment? F. Variables G. Validity TODAY'S LECTURE Experiments (contd.) Cause and Co-occurrence The purpose ofpsychological research is to ultimately understand the causes ofhuman behavior. Hypotheses are created in the form IF P THEN Q, where P is the cause ofbehavior Q. In order to test such hypotheses, one needs to vary P (when it occurs and when it doesn't) and see whether Q occurs or not (assuming that P is thesole cause of Q). Experiments allow use to do this and test hypotheses about cause and effect. To identify whether P causes Q, three things must occur: B must occur before Q Variations in P must co-vary with variations in Q All confounding variables must be controlled (more about this later) Often, outside ofthe laboratory studies, we find that events (variables) co-occur and we need to be careful not to assume that one causes the other. P could cause
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This note was uploaded on 03/05/2010 for the course PSYCH psych 7 taught by Professor Revlin during the Fall '09 term at California State University , Monterey Bay.

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Pscyh_7_NOTES_10_6_09-1 - C lass Psychology 7 Lee 03 Next...

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