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Gender Male Fem.le Q)>, Hioh til:!::: 'tl " Medium ~ c: ,H Low Page 2 of3 I.Posttest only control group 2.Pretest - control group - posttest 3.Posttest only experimental group Pretest - experimental group - posttest A True experimental design contains the following components: ·A control and an experimental group P!l1ticipant~ randomly assigned to groups •Pre-test and Post-test ' ·Dependent variables are measured for both groups after the exposure of the experimental to the independent variable. Complex Designs A complex design isn't one that is "difticult" it just contains more elements than the basic simple, true experimental design, The characteristics of a complex design are that they contain matched groups, more independent variables and multiple dependent variables. Matched Groups In complex designs, the participants (while randomly assigned) in each group are generally matched in relevant characteristics with the participant~ in other groups. In this way, the g~oups are alike on relevant factors or on
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