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Unformatted text preview: Copyright © 1996 ASUCSB Reproduction in any form is a violation of Federal Copyright Laws. .S. Notetaking • 893-4471 • Open 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday • Closed Finals Week Page 1 of 3 I,ec (jj _ Psychology 7 101.2.1109 Class 12/09/09 llliSodaltb tilolnbtnlj __ . ; ;D; .; a; ;.:t. ; ;e ~Nu.>iiie .... xt~E .... x... a... m""__ _ •••• ~oteta:hing ~eruice Revlin • Notetaker ANNOUNCEMENTS OUTLINE OF LAST LECTURE Midterm Summary XV. Types of Experimental Designs Pre-Experimental True Experimental Design OUTLINE OF TODAY'S LECTURE XV. Types of Experimental Designs Complex Designs TODAY'S LECTURE Brief Review of last lecture No bleed We talked about pre-experimental designs, including one-shot and one group, pre/post designs. In the one-shots you give a treatment to a person or animal and see what happens. For example, a loud rooster might have its testes cut out and you would see ifit was quiet and docile. A pre/post version of this would be t6 measure how often the rooster crows and then perform the surgery...
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