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Page 1 of 3 Lee n Psychology7 11/3/09 Class 12709709 lll$iodolebt!>tabenti __ ;;;;D. .;;;a;.;:.te~ --",N;ue""xloJot. ...E"",xlo.laoum.M- _ ~iiiiliiiiii •. .!ilotetahinlI ~crbite Revlin Notetaker -------------_. .:::.-_--- Copyright © 1996 ASUCSB Reproduction in any form is a violation ofFederal Copyright Laws. A.S. Notetaking • 893-4471 • Open 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday • Closed Finals Week ANNOUNCEMENTS OUTLINE OF LAST LECTURE XV. Quasi Experimental Designs A. Characteristics B. Some special kinds OUTLINE OFTODAY'S LECTURE XVI. Scales, Relations, and Tests A. Hypothesis Testing Sequence Importance ofdifferent scales TODAY'S LECTURE Scales, Relations, and Tests Our task as scientists is to formulate and test our hypotheses. There are generally accepted methods for doing this that requires an understanding ofdesigns, statistics, and criteria for
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