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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 7 Class ~~ndattlJ ~tubetttS: Lee. I~ fimrt....Exam D_a_t_e 12709/09 _ ~Dt£ta:Iting $cruicc Notetaker Revlin P age 1 of 3 Copyright © 1996 ASUCSB Reproduction in any form is a violation of Federal COl?yright Laws. A.S .. Notetaking • 893-4471 • Open 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday • Closed Finals Week ANNOUNCEMENTS • OUTLINE OF LAST LECTURE XVIII. Surveys A. Concerns about surveys - B. Survey Design OUTLINE OF TODA Y'S LECTURE XVIII Surveys (cont.) A. Types of samples B. Worrisome questions TODAY'S LECTURE Surveys We started today's lecture with a problem: what is wrong with the following survey; why did it fail to predict that Roosevelt won the 1936 election? We decided that the sampling procedure and the response rate were flawed and biased towards only getting information from Republicans. Interestingly, the margin of error was excellent (less than one tenth of 1%) so that the highly incorrect data was very accurate! ' The: LitBr¥l~ Dil#~'t Poil, -=-' ~~f ~t r . . . .-4) JS'45ti, ~---~-::..:,t~=al ~ 1":-2-~ti. ~,. . .' . . ttW-ttUcE. Al4. . .. _fIt', ~. ,F~~'k1Ut D - ~'t···~Uit .. ~. J~ 1I-~:r ~~. ~ .IJ~ 'nhM~Jt~4f~ . -~~ ._~.~~~ ."I ... ,....~ "1. ttl~i: -} .;.~, ~ ,i~rw-.,( IWW. ~U""\tfni.ll~m1J: "~r~~ ~f pt8uU;t:r.i~~it ~~i.i7d¥ L.w·"!, ti...._ .;f ;,...~< .'lO~ ..;l ptitb jhu.t~ l~tli . :,.t.~ ...,t .~ T~' ~ftll1iU~'h~ll~,.~mtw:I. 9J.mp5l11f~le: ~ ~~tM';:V~rJ~ ~;·lIttit1,t!. .iy~~·mdm~lr~~ ~w:., ~ iil~~lli~~lmb: ~~~I.t-tiSt;,:~;:D£Mn16. ~~~~:,-f;wmt%' .. ",' " )t~~: ' !~x, .': :~~~ W' :ltf~~t~ Ht1pr£J~i~~~ 2$~,! ~tR~d,4~j) er ~F-5t$2:~' ~~ .~ 'R.~~t~ t~1;nlX ~ ~ '~~M1Mt P~f~:. $~ t)f#ft; V{rii~ :~~~~1i.l(r~t ii:· . PJ~tMdl :,..,It: R~m~~'Nala_fiJlF:(f~fw.l~(~ .,;f~; \¥tAt Types of Sampling There are four major sorts of sample. Gallop, the major survey company t~nded in the past to use the quota system. Many use the stratified method because they want to weight the importance of various groups and their contribution to the results. ...
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