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Unformatted text preview: · Page 4 of5 Page 5 of5 J eo i ,. J--------;li:'--- ~ "j--~.c........,-7":""'_";:"-------j t~ 'k ,\1 ~ '~~-lOl"..,----""--~,.,---,,,--- ..---1.J 1"--,-.,. __.,..,,- ·_·"'_ ..·_· ~--'M i{~~~~~~~==~~;f~:s~==~ Multipl.e Regression. Multiple correlation is II .. \1 a technique used to combine a number of .,. predictor variables to increase the accuracy 11 ofprediction for a given outcome variable. Simple Regression. Basically same as correlation, but with different terminology and different results: Need to defme one variable as the outcome variable and Need to define other variable as predictor variable. You thn calculate line o/bestfit that describes data, which is basically just an equation for a line that describes how predictor variable can be used to compute outcome variable. Degrees of Freedom Degrees of freedom is used to describe the number of values in the final calculation ofa statistic that are free to vary. In general, the degrees of freedom of is equal to the number of independent scoresare free to vary....
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