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research methods five main - How Research Is Conducted...

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Unformatted text preview: How Research Is Conducted Experimental; Correlation; Natural Observation; Survey; Case Study Discussing research in a general sense is a bit challenging to do because each discipline has a unique approach. There are sets of prescribed processes, called methods, that researchers can use to best address the topic they are exploring. For example, a biologist might be interested in what causes a healthy cell to become cancerous and multiply out of control. To learn more about that process, the researcher will need to work with cells and do a variety of tests that involve lab work, Petri dishes, microscopes, chemistry, and so on. A biologist could not ask the cells to fill out a survey about why they multiply. On the other hand, a sociologist who is interested in how the economy of a neighborhood is related to crime rates might not find it very useful to look at skin samples of criminals under the microscope. In this case, looking at police records and census data would be far more useful. The more under the microscope....
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