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PSY_3_1_12_2010_7 - not “positive enough” for threshold...

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Hyperpolarization-cell becomes even more negative. Ex: instead of -70 -72 IPSP: Behaves just like EPSP in that it also degrades as it travels But it also DISCOURAGES the neuron from firing, just he opposite of the EPSP **in any given moment, the cell body of a neuron is being bombarded from signals from many other neurons/axon terminals that act on diff. types of receptors. Receives a lot of ipsps and epsps. The overall summary of all those will determine if the cell will fire its own signal (aka action potential) or
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Unformatted text preview: not. “positive enough” for threshold of activation Must counter two effects: IPSPs and the energy lost in traveling to axon hillock The action potential is simply a massive momentary change in the potential in the cell. Huge depolarization from -70 to +50. ALL of NONE. How will my cells know there is more pain? Greater accumulation of such a signal. Spatial summation : WHERE is happens matters. Loses less energy the closer to the axon hillock it is....
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