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PSY_3_1_5_2010 - in 08,0 mmod mevma L{n INK Flene Descart...

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Unformatted text preview: in 08+ (,0 mmod mevma L {n INK Flene Descart Descartes can rationally doubt that his body exists PM: :9th Limbs, “Feel Qm M Mewiqit’d ii Nb; Descartes cannot doubt that he exists [555994.75 Luz WHU+ SJHL"? fl Mimi M15 W' “3"?) % Descartes is not his body 9r-WES &‘A”"Ql5m5 C mUECRdmiilgM (,0 Monism D ideallsmlphenomenalhm: Only mindi can be considered 'real‘ pro V, “5 “LDPhyslcailsn-i: Onlylha physical is real The mental can be reduced in the physical. In other words . / ‘7‘“ ”‘9‘ “’9‘“ i3” [W I/ The m‘ind” Ia merely a eel at physical/biological events ’ i1 K Tim the dominant perspective in modern paydwloyy W FAWQng {Uuégn I/\ b I (3% " l "a ’ 51$ ADHD f (Mal/sac M ~ Lib: mm PW! (“53.3 {a}! M Anna/0r? 6‘: cm Moi; COvI limb”? (Jypmx‘rvn ~QOLLQJV, M/ngSILq’Qmfiqiwc/Q $3.;ng Brain damage has been shown to produce gar-ms 4 “m“ W9(3al'tesian dualism - Formulated by Rene Descart (1596—1650) ~ Spiritual mind lhai is unique to humans - Mechanistic body: operales as an automated hydraulic syslarn - The mind interacts with the brain in the pineal gland Mind causes Qi ind (+0 limbs Newt Time C‘iLutg ;n W’VW‘Z‘G flpd k “I”! “I "ww 4'7"!” \«m\»7 we kit/m} deg: LGFFY’Y‘I 5"" mass 33w. (:.fi¥‘\&lag_ (#33:; 7715.; (‘3‘ (”Mai ‘A oiiPfo‘nJ“ I 8% ”WrflA I if (q ms: el/L, n35 wf‘n I1 Q m , ;/‘ 5'?) riifljwq’e Cf‘fié“? 25:1, 09,! W T (DU/VICE @cflicgyg mad MW i’tfirqqrs Je duqi‘gyxs Evidence" In f vor of Physicalism? »w( ‘5“ iound personality changes x0”; kHz/“V my] 93/ Alternativedualistic views: 4a Occaaionalism and Parallelism Formulated by Malebranche and Von lbniz ., :32“ U}: Nada/a uxsm» VG“, Mind and body operate independently from each other but in Parallel. it only seems as 1! physical and menial events cause one another . Choke/n cgmafi‘g‘hg“ “WA i‘D MAW 6053* J Vufifi. ‘2‘ \p‘flafm 979 ”its” I" 62"» °QCAA 6‘1?!me u; m (PIE: gym/f {Raff (aAw€«r‘€r~»I$'i 44.054 ...
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