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PSY_3_1_7_2010(2) - Myelin producing glial_cells...

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Unformatted text preview: Myelin producing glial _cells Myelination: speedsu‘p electrical signal “0‘34“ V6,, SLOW, What happens when your myelin is gone? Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - NI autoimmune disease wherethe body is masking ll’sownmyefin - DWflnfastsaflalwymumncecmefimea bssolconduclame W 1 _ qu&.§ +7; Wet as: s Rmugc. W3 . Ginml brass is 'redceord symmmwea paralys otspasrnsjmpal matron, M ‘ CM . Thedegeneralion of myelin l3 WM mammal diam 3rd miormafion . f5, ‘3 V\t S i a r‘\ of “lanes h denin-s inhainandspinalcofli mg,“ iv ' 14"" PFCS- g 0" is “i“ Multiple Sclerosis (MS) _ . m —|— CLq - ...
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