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PSY_3_1_7_2010(6) - Behavior& Communication between...

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Unformatted text preview: Behavior & Communication between cells. of the nervous system Regulation of basic autonomic tumtions sensations and ' movements, as‘vrelt ”memory, thoughts, motivation clears" all products of communication circuits between celis of the nervous system (msfly mans) A neurons sendsaslfinalto' anhtherneurontlla’t'cnn mssnontyoneottwothlngs: Ithaca compu'kr 1. Send your own signal . , 2. Don’t send your own signal Wot "‘ ‘5 1‘0 5 Thus, communication circuits in the nervous system encode data (memory thought, patterns of limb movement etc) using a binary coding system - - Cells of the Nervous System "SUI-IONS 15% INFORMATION enticessgw GLIA (90%) 5 “Wm‘éi‘r: W156 win in a mom “ELM msumrlou DFAJODNS mews IWUNE nsspoNse EGHWNIN CELLS iNStLATiDN OF AXONS IN ens CNS. Central Nervous ' ISTHOCVTES‘ Syswm "" B‘Ta‘ ‘4 "‘ SPM‘ CD "A fi’é’ffimflfim marrow INFORMA‘HGN PROCESSWG ENS: Peripheral Nervous ., RESPONSETOINJURHGUAL 5mm, . , . System. "SMWMG M Neu rons wirm'beue that a» capable of sending and receiving chemical signals in SD ‘MQQFW’t—l ' bmmi— sum 4» 3 'L_/\. ...
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