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PSY_3_1_14_2010 - 4 - glutamate will be so high that it...

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Net of connection: like asking a question and not stopping talking so then we can’t hear the answer. Diffusion takes a LONG time so it is the least important in ending neurotransmission Enzymatic degradation is not v. common Can have combinations—reuptake inside the terminal, then enzymes On the action terminal itself or cell body. Receptor to the same neurotransmitter the cell is secreting. If the cell secretes glutamate, at some point the level of
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Unformatted text preview: glutamate will be so high that it will bind to receptors on the axon terminal of the SAME CELL. Neuron regulates itself. When it fires too much, he tells himself to stop. Most common small molecule neurotransmitter, do most of the work Glutamate is MOSTLY excitatory, not always (sometimes inhibitory). Is the most common excitatory amino acid. Though GABA has negative effect for glutamate, it is PRODUCED from glutamate...
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