PSY_3_1_14_2010 5 - serotonin mood disorder Serotonin involved in learning aggression mood etc LSD works mostly on serotonin Dopamine involved in

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Called monoamines because they are all made from one amino acid. Not a simple amino acid but a larger molecule, but still made from one amino acid. Epinephrine=adrenaline Adrenaline and noradrenaline regulates ___. Increase in attention, heart rate, oxygen in muscles, etc. Dopamine is secreted whenever you take any drug abuse. Impt in learning/motivation/motor control Levels of tryptophan will effect levels of
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Unformatted text preview: serotonin mood disorder. Serotonin involved in learning, aggression, mood, etc. LSD works mostly on serotonin Dopamine involved in motivated behaviors like sex What does AchE do? Involved in memory/learning. Peptides: Produced in the cell body, shifted to the terminal. Most important: endorphins—reduction of pain, causes pleasure. Caused by exercise and stress Regulati on...
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