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Anterolateral system : pathways • 3 tracts of the anterolateral system that differ: subdivisions • in whether or not they synapse (and where) prior to reaching the thalamus • Where in thalamus they synapse Spinothalamic : up the cord and into the thalamus (ventral posterior nucleus)—important in immediate, sharp pain type A pain. Conducts it Spinoreticular : synapse reticular activating system ; 3rd order neurons to the thalamus (parafascicular nuclei and intralaminar nuclei)—more lasting, dull pain type C pain. Delivers us sensory info that is important in staying conscious. Eventually will send neurons to thalamus. Not the same
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Unformatted text preview: as the vpa Spinotectal : synapse in the tectum Somatosensory cortex Somatotopic (organized according to a map of the bodys surface) *this map is not proportional. Much greater sensitivity in fingers than in back. More nerve endings. More neurons activated. Map=somatosensory homunculus Strips corresponding to each sensation we feel (e.g., touch vs. temperature) Association cortex-in the posterior parietal Lobe(vision in back) Link between vision and associative cortex...
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