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Reorganization •Even in adults, our brains are capable of reorganizing themselves in response to experience or damage Reorganization is the major process through which function is restored in the CNS after damage can’t produce more neurons. Some stemcells in the brain to produce new ones, but we lose much more than we can produce. Brain cannot compensate for loss. Can reorganize self though. Reorganization: Phantom Pain/Limb Phantom limb is the sensation that a limb is still attached to the body after amputation Phantom pain is the sensation of pain in a limb that has been amputated • Touching other parts of the body of an amputee can elicit strong
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Unformatted text preview: feelings of phantom pain because of reorganization. Brain scan shows this. Delivers pain for some unfortunate reason Reorganization: Phantom Pain/Limb • Evidence for reorganization in phantom pain: • In amputees with phantom pain, stimulation of the lips produces pain in the missing fingers _ imaging shows that the lip cortical area on the contralateral side of the brain has moved into the finger cortical area Squares=fingers Circles=lips Black=amputee with phantom pain White=amputee without phantom pain...
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