PSY_3_1_28_2010 A - -Pacinian corpuscles(respond to touch but only to rapid vibrations Why They adapt quickly to any stimuli Feel belt then can’t

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cutaneous=under the skin The pressure opens sodium channel, so that Sodium enters,   action potential.  One exception: free nerve endings. Don’t have these types of capsula. Receptor to  respond to pain and temperature.  Other receptors respond to touch. Cutaneous Receptors: -Free nerve endings (temp change and pain) respond to thermal and nociceptive stimuli.
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Unformatted text preview: -Pacinian corpuscles (respond to touch but only to rapid vibrations. Why? They adapt quickly to any stimuli. Feel belt, then can’t feel it.) respond to mechanical stimuli-Merkel’s disks and Ruffini endings-adapt slowly; gradual skin indentations and skin stretch They adapt quickly to any stimuli. Feel belt, then can’t...
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