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Every Dorsal Root, every part of the spinal cord that sends a spinal nerve is responsible  to certain area of the skin.  That area is called the dermatome. Two Major Ascending Sensory Pathways • Remember: sensory neurons travel into the dorsal root and synapse on neurons in the dorsal horn ( Dorsal root ganglia ) which will carry the information to the brain • There are 2 major ascending sensory pathways 1. Dorsal-column medial lemniscus system:
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Unformatted text preview: Touch and proprioception (orientation of position of the body, the condition of your body parts. Gives feedback while you move of what angle your joints are). 2. Anterolateral system: Pain and temperature Free nerve ending receptors in the skin of your finger, when they are activated because of some strong mechanical pressure they will excite this somatosensory neuron through this anterolateral system....
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