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THR 101.01 FALL 2009 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Test Format *15 True/False @ 2pts each=30 *10 Matching @ 2 pts each=20 *15 Multiple Choice @ 3 pts each= 45 *10 Fill-in-the-Blank @ 3pts each= 30 *5 Short Answer @ 4 pts each=20 *4 Application @ 6 pts each=24 *1 Wildcard @ 1 pt=1 *1 Essay @ 30 pts=30 There are opportunities for bonus points scattered throughout the test. Suggested Topics of Study * SBU Production of These Shining Lives * Theatre and culture * Henrik Ibsen and A Doll’s House * August Wilson and The Piano Lesson * Tennessee Williams and The Glass Menagerie * Julia Cho and
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Unformatted text preview: BFE *Aesthetics and practicalities of lighting design *Aesthetics and practicalities of sound design *Aesthetics and practicalities of scenic design *Aesthetics and practicalities of costume design *Responsibilities and techniques of the actor * Responsibilities of the director * Responsibilities of the dramaturg *Responsibilities and elements of critcism *Responsibilities of the producer *Commercial vs. nonprofit theatre * Contemporary American Theatre *Global Theatre *Theatre of diversity * Anton and Michael Chekhov...
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