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CHE 131 Exam 3, Fall 2008 Multiple Choice, 4 points each On the Scantron form, bubble in the letter of the one choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. No credit will be given for multiple answers. ____ 1. 142g of O 2 are reacted with excess H 2 to form H 2 O. What volume of H 2 O vapor would be produced at 0ºC and 1 atm? O 2 + 2H 2 Æ 2H 2 O A. 12 L B. 32 L C. 65 L D. 200 L E. 158 L ____ 2. When a liquid is cooled, its vapor pressure will: A. Not change B. Increase C. Decrease D. Disappear E. Impossible to predict ____ 3. Which of these will cause the pressure of a gas to increase ? A. Decreasing the temperature B. Increasing the volume C. Increasing the number of molecules D. Increasing the molar mass E. Decreasing the kinetic energy ____ 4. 16g of He gas are added to 32g of N 2 gas. The total pressure is 760 torr. What is the partial pressure in torr of N 2 in the container? A. 0.22 B. 169 C. 388 D. 585 E. 780
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____ 5. In the following phase diagram, identify the point labeled with a star. A. Liquid phase B. Solid phase C. Transition point D. Critical point E. Triple point ____ 6. If equal amounts of He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe are released at the end of the tube, which molecules will reach the other end first? A. He B. Ne C. Ar D. Kr E. Xe ____ 7. Steam burns can be more dangerous than hot water burns because A. The heat capacity of water vapor is large
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e3_131_f08 - CHE 131 Exam 3 Fall 2008 Multiple Choice 4...

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