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04 F09 131 Quiz Handout

04 F09 131 Quiz Handout - Learning Center in Chemistry 312...

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CHE 131 Online Quizzes Each week there typically will be three personalized online quizzes due as follows. Monday, 5 PM covering Friday’s lecture Wednesday, 3 AM (Tuesday night) covering Monday’s lecture Friday, 3 AM (Thursday night) covering Wednesday’s lecture You can access your quizzes over the internet with any modern web browser. Quizzes will be posted in LUCID. For information on how to access and use LUCID, see the document Accessing LUCID. The first quiz covering topics from the first two days of lecture will be due as follows. Day: Friday, September 4 Time: 5:00 PM You do not have to complete your quiz all in one session. If you like, you can print the quiz using your web browser’s print utility. You can return any time before the due date and time to enter your answers. If you have difficulty completing a quiz, seek help from your classmates or the Chemistry
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Unformatted text preview: Learning Center in Chemistry 312. You must enter your own answers, however, and violations of this policy will result in a course grade of F and a report to the Academic Judiciary. For most activities in LUCID, there is a SUBMIT button for each question. As soon as you have entered an answer to a question that you think is reasonable, click the SUBMIT button to get feedback. Do not expect a single button to submit all of your answers. Be careful that you only click SUBMIT buttons once. If you do not receive feedback immediately, there may be a high volume of network traffic. Quiz coordinator: Dr. Brad Tooker, [email protected] If you have issues logging into the system, see Dr. Wolfskill in Chemistry Room 575....
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