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Connor Scribner Philosophy 2300 “The Meaning of Human Existence” Richard Taylor Richard Taylor argues that a meaningful life can exist as long as one’s life does not contain his three ingredients that result in a meaningless life: “Life is meaningless if it is lacking in a real, not merely illusory, purpose—one that is genuinely significant and not merely believed to be so; capable of attainment, and not forever eluding its pursuer; created and chosen by him whose goal is to achieve it, and not imposed from without” (Taylor, 790). Taylor suggests in his passage that in order to know what a meaningful life is, one must first describe a meaningless life (described above). What we can take from his reading and the quotation above is that in order to live a meaningful life in Taylor’s point of view; one must live a life with a real purpose, the purpose must be achievable at
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Unformatted text preview: some point in ones life, and the purpose must be created and chosen by the individual. Taylors three characteristics of a meaningless life leave much room for praise and criticism. I find myself torn between the two, I want to support what he believes to be true because I am a human and I would like to be assured that there is a purpose for me living on this earth instead of wandering this world aimlessly. I believe that all humans thrive on the fact that we suspect to have a purpose in this life, whether that is a reason of spirituality, family, happiness, love, or even becoming as successful as humanly possible. On the other hand, anyone can analyze this argument by asking for proof of a living god in this world, state that happiness/love is only a state of mind, or even ask what defines success in todays culture?...
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