Political Science Review Two

Political Science Review Two - POLI SCI 2302 EXAM 2 REVIEW...

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POLI SCI 2302 EXAM 2 REVIEW EDUCATION IN THE US Public Education -immigrants socialized in Local Control -development of district schools -control curriculum -paid by property taxes -set tax rate State Involvement -gradually assumed an increasingly important role -determines boundaries for local taxes and school districts -state education departments determine education policy guidelines for school districts Increasing Federal Involvement -federal involvement in education was formally viewed as an inappropriate exercise of national power -federal education programs justified as limited solutions to specific problems -“No Child Left Behind” -allows students to transfer out of public schools with poor education -schools must be needy to receive federal funding for improvement -opponents argue that it encourages schools to prepare kids for standardized testing, not for higher level thinking Unequal Financial Resources -some advocate increased spending for education -increased education budget would come from upper class -“Robin Hood” -federal aid is limited Education Quality -concern over poor student achievement -parental attitudes and social changes contribute to decreasing achievement -declining SAT/ACT scores -more people taking SAT/ACT -schools are no longer as rigorous -questioning teacher competency -test or evaluations based on teacher’s knowledge, not ability to teach -low starting salaries for teachers -low incentive for the best and the smartest -the incentive structure in higher education -primary emphasis on research as opposed to teaching
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Other Issues -private school -10%-12% of students -80% religiously affiliated -typically do better on education achievement scores -education vouchers and tax credits -parents wanting to send kids to private schools could receive some of property taxes back to pay for it -strong conservative support -increasing cost of higher education -public universities are funded by state taxes and tuition -recent decrease of state funding resulting in increase of tuition EQUALITY Equality Under the Law -all individuals treated as individuals as opposed to members of social groups -categories based on behavioral distinctions are permitted -criminals vs. non criminals -children vs. adults -a “compelling public interest”- minority groups can be treated differently under certain
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Political Science Review Two - POLI SCI 2302 EXAM 2 REVIEW...

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