Public Policy - Highlighted=On the Test FO SHO STUFF IN...

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Highlighted=On the Test FO SHO STUFF IN RED= ESSAY QUESTION S Lecture 1 L Public Policy – Solutions to public problems. Public Good – A good that is available to all people Reasons for government involvement: R Political P Moral/Ethical M Economic Reasons and Market Failure E Democracy – A government where the power lies within the people. Open and fair elections. Majority rule. Individual Rights. f Socialism – Collective/Public ownership of means of production. Equal opportunities/means for all. o Capitalism – Free market and the means of production are privately/corporately owned. p US is a Federal System because: U Power is divided between national and state governments P National and Sub-national Governments exercise separate and independent authority. i Both elect own officials B Both tax own citizens B Federalism Pros and Cons: F Pros: Deal with local problems, Distribute Power, Protects individual liberties, Efficiency, and Experimentation. l Cons: Complex, Less Accountability, More Taxes, Variation in state policies, and unfunded mandates. p Three branches of government: T Legislative Branch: Lawmaking, Budget L Executive Branch: Carrying out the laws E Judicial Branch: Interpret law based on J Interest Groups : Organization that seeks to influence politics for their own interests. i They lobby with politicians. Promise votes and money for favorable legislation. l Lecture 2 L Political Model : An abstract representation of the real world; Used to understand the way things work. u 6 Political Models: 6 Elite Theory – Public policy reflects views of power few elites instead of the masses. o Group Theory
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Public Policy - Highlighted=On the Test FO SHO STUFF IN...

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