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Connor Scribner History Exam 1 Review 3) In what ways does the Chicago World Fair of 1893 change America? Trends that originated in Chicago in 1893 and many of the ideas advanced there have shaped the very landscape of modern America. Its legacy is wide-ranging, from movements in popular and high culture to changes in the nation’s power structure and the lasting influence of commerce and technology. What lasting inventions and ideas did it introduce into American culture?
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Unformatted text preview: • Electricity became widespread • Corporate control on a national level • The Ferris Wheel What important figures did the fair critically influence? • L. Frank Baum – Oz • Burnham – Sweet Clover • Burnett – Two Little Pilgrims • W.D. Howell – Letters from an Alturian Traveler • Henry Adam – Education All of these articles, books, or letters focused on the culture that their artist had experienced while at the fair....
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