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Class Homework problems #5 Wednesday, Jan. 28. 2009 {\- 1// Name ll23/20{l9 5:03:00 pM l' show that a NAND gate is a universal element by filling in the following truth tables and l3::'ff:J,"J?.ll"t Nor, AND *a on gu,",.un'u" il;ffiffi,i*.:-"ry NAND gates. a) b) c) Gate: .U Af Gate: A)'l D
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Unformatted text preview: GAIE: C IL 2. ir::#"**il:lllj: i s""yl^*ement bv nning in the ronowing truth tabres and (See Exercise 2.2) E::3J.,J,",:? jf r"or,AND;tdi-;;;*;;il1liiril#il?,:ffi?t#\BflT" ( o c a ) a) O.) 6( La rl Ga,r;: lJ aT Gate: C {Z b) c) Co o1 LA LL cut", A, D...
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